RT 10-11075 en, Common BIM Requirements 2012. Series 10. Energy analysis (Version 1.0, 2012)

Nimeke: RT 10-11075 en, Common BIM Requirements 2012. Series 10. Energy analysis (Version 1.0, 2012)
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Painos: 2012
Julkaisuvuosi: 2012
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The publication series “Common BIM Requirements 2012” is the result of a broad-based development project entitled COBIM. The need for these requirements arises from the rapidly growing use of BIM in the construction industry.

The importance of energy efficiency management has been emphasized by giving energy analyses a part of their own in the requirements, whereas they earlier were a part of the general BS analyses. Part 10 describes tasks during design and construction that are essential from the viewpoint of management of energy efficiency and indoor climate, as well as use and maintenance phases which are relevant from a verification viewpoint. Utilization of BIMs enables a more systematic and transparent, and in most cases more efficient, means to steer the energy impact of design than can be achieved by traditional methods. However the most important benefit from BIMs is that they make certain that the information is used in the calculations is correct. The requirements support the implementation of the new Finnish 7/2012 energy regulations. In addition to tasks related to the building permit, requirements are set for utilization of BIM in energy analyses all the way from the early project stages down to the building being taken into use.

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