Common BIM Requirements 2012. Series 1-13

Nimeke: Common BIM Requirements 2012. Series 1-13
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Painos: 2013
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The publication series “Common BIM Requirements 2012” series 1-13.

The publication series “Common BIM Requirements 2012” is the result of a broad-based development project entitled COBIM. The need for these requirements arises from the rapidly growing use of building information modeling in the construction industry. During all phases of a construction project, the involved parties have an increasing need to define more precisely what is being modeled and how the modeling is done. “Common BIM Requirements 2012” is based on the previous instructions of the owner organizations and the user experiences derived from them, along with the thorough experience the writers of the instructions possess with model-based operations.

“Common BIM Requirements 2012” covers targets for new construction and renovation, as well as the use and facility management of buildings. The minimum requirements for modeling and the information content of models are included in the modeling requirements.

The publication series “Common BIM Requirements 2012” consists of the following documents:

Series 1. General part (RT 10-11066 en, LVI 03-10488 en)
Series 2. Modeling of the starting situation (RT 10-11067 en, LVI 03-10489 en)
Series 3. Architectural design (RT 10-11068 en, LVI 03-10490 en)
Series 4. MEP design (RT 10-11069 en, LVI 03-10491 en)
Series 5. Structural design (RT 10-11070 en, LVI 03-10492 en)
Series 6. Quality assurance (RT 10-11071 en, LVI 03-10493 en)
Series 7. Quantity take-off (RT 10-11072 en, LVI 03-10494 en)
Series 8. Use of models for visualization (RT 10-11073 en, LVI 03-10495 en)
Series 9. Use of models in MEP analyses (RT 10-11074 en, LVI 03-10496 en)
Series 10. Energy analysis (RT 10-11075 en, LVI 03-10497 en)
Series 11. Management of a BIM project (RT 10-11076 en, LVI 03-10498 en)
Series 12. Use of models in facility management (RT 10-11077 en, LVI 03-10499 en)
Series 13. Use of models in construction (RT 10-11078 en, LVI 03-10500 en)

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