The Whole Building Handbook - How to Design Healthy, Efficient and Sustaiable Buildings

Tekijät: Bokalders, Varis; Block, Maria
Kustantaja: Riba Publishing
Julkaistu: 2010
Kielet: englanti
Sivumäärä: 689
Tuotelaji: Kirjat
ISBN: 978-1-84407-523-2
97 €    45 € (sis. alv)


This book is a compendium of all the issues and strategies that architects need design and construct sustainable buildings for a sustainable society. The authors move beyond the current definition of sustainability in architecture, which tends to focus on energy-efficiency, to include guidance for architecture that promotes social cohesion, personal health, renewable energy sources, water and waste recycling systems, permaculture, energy conservation and crucially, buildings in relation to their place.

This book offer technical advice on: choosing suitable materials, healthy service systems, and designing a healthy and comfortable indoor climate, as well as how to facilitate cleaning and maintenance; using resources efficiently, where heating and cooling needs and electricity use is minimized; dealing with waste; and adaptation of buildings to local conditions, with respect to nature, climate as well as human activities.
The result is a comprehensive, thoroughly illustrated and carefully structured textbook and reference. Text; English.