Swedish Interiors

Tekijät: Rhonda Eleish, Edie Van Breems
Kustantaja: Gibbs Smith Publisher
Julkaistu: 2007
Kielet: englanti
Sivumäärä: 192
Tuotelaji: Kirjat
ISBN: 978-1-4236-0024-4
27 € (sis. alv)


Swedish Interiors is the first book to share the history, progression, and key elements of Swedish style and how to use it in many different styles of homes. From the white- and blue-hued images of the familiar Gustavian style to the gold accents and luxurious patterns found in the Swedish Baroque, Rococo, and Biedermeier periods, the secret to Swedish design is in having the confidence to mix old and new while maintaining a clean and simple aesthetic.

The best of Swedish design in America. Emphasizes light, comfort and elegance. Is found throughout the world, proving its wide appeal and the ease with which it blends with other design styles. Text; English.