SFS 6002 in practice

Tekijät: Mäkinen, Pertti A.
Julkaisijat: Sähkö- ja teleurakoitsijaliitto STUL ry
Kustantaja: Sähköinfo Oy
Julkaistu: 2016
Painos: 4. renewed ed.
Kielet: englanti
Sivumäärä: 114
Tuotelaji: Kirjat
Lisätietoja: Koko B5
ISBN: 978-952-231-179-5
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The renewed 3:rd edition of The Electrical Safety Standard SFS 6002 was published in April 2015. The book “SFS 6002 in practice” (4:th ed.) is also renewed in accordance with the new standard. In the process the content of the book has, in many respects, been thoroughly reviewed and renewed. This book is an English translation of the original Finnish book “SFS 6002 käytännössä”.

The book is paragraphed mainly in accordance with the SFS 6002 -standard. Examples of the topics of electrical accidents taken place during the last ten years, and practical guidance, have been added in suitable locations, through which the aim is to clarify, how the requirements of the standard are implemented in practice. At the end of each paragraph is a small series of questions, which can be used for the repetition of the discussed issues. The questions can, of course, also be used e.g. as a test of the training session instead of a separate final exam.

In this book, the aim is to give the instructions in a clear and easily adopted shape which, when followed, electrical work and other work in the vicinity of electrical equipment can be carried out safely.


SFS 6002 i praktiken
SFS 6002 i praktiken
Säkerheten vid elarbeten är en väsentlig del av vår yrkesskicklighet. Texten på svenska.

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