RT 10-11069 en, Common BIM Requirements 2012. Series 4. MEP design (Version 1.0, 2012)

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The publication series “CommonBIM Requirements 2012” is the result of a broad-based development project entitled COBIM. The need for these requirements arises from the rapidly growing use of building information modeling in the construction industry.

Part 4 specifies the contents of the building services (BS) design tasks that are performed BIM based. When building design and construction is realized in accordance with these requirements, the BS systems model will contain basic prerequisites for the utilization of the model in systems for use and maintenance, throughout the whole life cycle of the building. New issues are e.g.: BIM based service area maps, presentation of components, and definition of the detail level for the information content and the geometry for each design phase.


Common BIM Requirements 2012. Series 1-13 e-book
Common BIM Requirements 2012. Series 1-13 e-book
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