Uusi Helsinki? Det nya Helsingfors? Changing Helsinki? - 11 näkökulmaa kaupungin mahdollisuuksiin

Publishing company: Nemo
Published: 2015
Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish
Number of pages: 365
Product type: Books
ISBN: 978-952-240-292-9
35 € (inc. vat)

Product description

This book is written by professionals who love Helsinki. Each writer has chosen an element of the city that has inspired delight, disgust, sorrow or enthusiasm. The book looks not only at the pasts of the Finnish capital but at what its future might be.

Could vacant office space be transformed into homes? Does building within city limits have to mean clearing away its forests? What might the authorities learn from the residents who have occupied buildings, set up meeting places and worked as volunteers to protect cherished built heritage? What is it that is unique about Helsinki?