Markku Kosonen - Time of Wood

Publishing company: Maahenki
Published: 2012
Languages: English
Number of pages: 165
Product type: Books
ISBN: 978-952-5870-80-0
47,40 € (inc. vat)

Product description

Markku Kosonen (1945-2010) was a cabinet maker, interior designer and artist - a true art craftsman. He could turn natural materials into unique and innovative utility articles and art objests. In addition to the more traditional tree species, he also used willow, alder and other species held in little value for his work, as well as finding creative ways to use curly birch and birch bark. Many of his products became world-famous. He was well-known for not only his designs but also as a strong opinion leader, who always stood up for wood and inspired designers to explore new uses for wood. This book is an introduction to Markku Kosonen's wonderful world - the time of wood.

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