Leading the Team - A Architects's Guide to Design Management

Publishing company: Riba Publishing
Published: 2011
Languages: English
Number of pages: 139
Product type: Books
ISBN: 978-1-85946-392-5
39 € (inc. vat)

Product description

Effective design management presents a challenge and an opportunity for architects. How are they to manage increasingly-complex teams of consultants as well as increasingly-iterative design processes, while still maximising creativity?

This clear guide sets out simple, practical processes which do exactly that. Introducing the ‘Eight Essential Design Management Tools’, it is packed with simple, practical ways that the design process can be planned, organised, and managed, including tactics and ‘soft skills’ for team-leaders, advice on cost, risk, and procurement, as well as the key considerations for reconciling a complex iterative design programme against the RIBA Plan of Work.

Relevant to all architects this short book will help architects harness efficient, switchedon management skills to design high-quality buildings on time and on budget. Text; English.

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