Helsinki Designerin silmin. En Designers syn på Helsingfors. Helsinki trough the eyes of a designer

Authors: Rahikainen, Tua
Publishing company: Sanoma Pro Oy
Published: 2012
Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish
Number of pages: 80
Product type: Books
ISBN: 978-952-63-0094-8
25 € (inc. vat)

Product description

It is said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Tua Rahikainen, as well-known fur designer, her camera and Helsinki prove this statement to be true.
She has discovered views and details that you seldom notice. The light of morning and evening creates its own drama and the seasons add to the discovery of new sights in an otherwise familiar city.
You can find page numbers of the photographs on the map. Text; English, Finnish, Swedish.