Authors: Makstutis, Geoffrey
Publishing company: Laurence King Publishing
Published: 2010
Languages: English
Number of pages: 248
Product type: Books
Series: Portofolio Skills
ISBN: 978--1-85669-623-4
30 € (inc. vat)

Product description

This book offers a thorough introduction to the entire field of architecture, outlining the steps that are normally taken in becoming a qualified architect, from initial education right through to professional practice, as well as how to apply this architectural training in other fields.

Complete with feature spreads on individual projects, Architecture: An Introduction's broad, up-to-date approach unites history, theory and practice. Subjects covered include how to develop a brief with a client; taking an idea from brief to project; types of visual presentation including drawings, models and computer renderings; project planning and management; the diverse roles within a company; and the future of architectural practice.

This book is a must for anyone considering taking an architecture course or just beginning one. Paperback, 324 illustrations, 256 x 215 mm. Text; English.