Construction and Detailing for Interior Design

Tekijät: Plunkett, Drew
Kustantaja: Laurence King Publishing
Julkaistu: 2010
Kielet: englanti
Sivumäärä: 192
Tuotelaji: Kirjat
Sarja: Portofolio Skills
ISBN: 978-1-85669-689-0
27 € (sis. alv)


With over 300 images – comprehensive and professional annotated drawings together with explanatory photographs of techniques, materials, tools and more – the principles of sound construction are explained, and the means to create successful variations on generic types of detailing provided.
Construction and Detailing for Interior Design is structured to encourage a diversity of techniques, allowing each student the means to find and put into practice the appropriate solution to fabrication issues and also to express their own personal aesthetic. Text; English.


Introduction: First Principles, Communicating information
Section 1: Walls
Section 2: Doors
Section 3: Floors
Section 4: Ceilings
Section 5: Furniture, fixtures and fittings
Section 6: Stairs, ramps, escalators and lifts
Section 7: Materials


Interiors Construction Manual
Interiors Construction Manual
Concrete advice about integral planning stages, sustainability and energy aspects, interior materials, lighting, heating. English.

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Tekijät: Hausladen, Gerhard; Tichelmann, Karsten
Kustantaja: Birkhäuser Verlag
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